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Car accessories and spare parts are ordered from us

We sell accessories, wear parts and spare parts for your car and that of your customers quickly and easily. Regardless of whether car glass, bike racks or toothed belt sets. Carparta helps. If something is unclear, just send an email to and we will be happy to help.

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Your advantages:

- fast shipping of articles

- large, quickly available warehouse

- Well-known brands

- Top conditions

12,000 articles UNDER ONE ROOF

Auto-Keramik-Scheibenbremse mit gelben S

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Inform yourself


How do I get my spare parts?

As a rule, we send our parcels using common parcel services. We send a lot of parcels out every day.


Can I also order as a commercial customer?

Yes, we offer our B2B customers special discounts. We are therefore able to be a great additional supplier for you.


How do I know which parts will fit?

Send us your vehicle details (VIN, KBA no., Or a copy of the vehicle registration document) and we will prepare an offer for you.



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Autobatterie und Überbrückungskabel



and much more..

B2C shop

fast, easy, cheap

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and much more..

B2B shop

fast, easy, cheap


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